Thursday, November 14, 2019

Kidz Muzic Projekt


 The Kidz Muzic Projekt was conceived to bridge the gap between children and art, in the form of Muzic, to which they normally wouldn't be exposed. We believe that Muzic can effect change in the perception and understanding of any thinking and feeling individual. We know that it is almost impossible to fully register the impact that art has on the psyche of individuals, yet when they are exposed to what ever form art takes it clearly makes a lasting impression and changes, at times forever, the person who is experiencing it.

We hope that with the introduction to muzic, individuals will have the opportunity to see and feel life differently, through the eyes of the spirit. To emulate, and in time know that they can even create, if they so desire to. They don't have to accept what is given them, and they can change their future if they so choose. And all through the gift of muzic. Impressive the possibilities, isn't it?




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